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I started my journey on CodeSchool by chance, I was searching the web for a backbone.js "J

I started my journey on CodeSchool by chance, I was searching the web for a backbone.js "Jump Start". I had other experiences with online training, and I do recommend them, such as Pluralsight (now the owner of CodeSchool), Microsoft Virtual Academy, Edx, Coursera, Udemy.. and others.. and what I liked the most was, the way of communication, more than a "voice" you get to see the person that's talking to you, their expressions, so I think it gives a "personal" touch to the experience. The code challenges are a awesome way to consolidate your learning in the previous video, and do some experiences. When you're "stuck" you may use hints or buy the answer, what is awesome when you're really finding hard to solve and sometimes, can break the enthusiasm and will to learn something.  

In the beginning of each module, there's always a jingle, different for each course, that gives it a "single" experience also, by the end of each module, the bloopers are also a great fun. 

Another thing is that, you don't need to download any exercises and since the challenges are online, you can do them wherever you like, there's no installation required to learn something. 

The badges, I think it's awesome too, you can achieve them by the end of each module, and there's one for each course, you can always brag about it on social networks, add them to the open badge, and even publish to Linkedin. 

The Paths, a great way to find related courses and get from the basics to ninja, you can follow along or choose whatever you need, yet, you have some reference of how you can do it. 

One of the best features are de "free courses" you can experience all the potential of this learning experience for free, and if the method works with you, hey, just use the promotions on the side of this article and have the full experience by 9 USD in the first month, no obligation to subscribe. 

I use it often to learn something, refresh skills and as a reference, when I'm stuck with something, I can always re-watch or redo the challenges to consolidate something. 

Give it a try and tell me how it went for you, don't believe me just because I'm saying it, try and experience it by yourself. 

Tip: new course released this week - "BREAKING THE ICE WITH REGULAR EXPRESSIONS


Ricardo Melo Joia