Hands on Microsoft Visual Studio Code - my review

Using it since it's been around, my experience with Microsoft Visual Studio Code has been AWESO

Using it since it's been around, my experience with Microsoft Visual Studio Code has been AWESOME! I'm Using it both in Mac OS and Windows, I used to work with other text editors, and now I'm using VSCode for everything.

Simple and clean, the main window has everything you need at the distance of a click. The explorer windows shows the "Working Files", where the last files you worked on are listed, I clean it often to have really the files I'm working and not the last files I worked, it can be a very usefull resource to help you keep track of what you're doing and move arround multiple files, for that, VSCode has other awesome feature.

Side windows, just right click any file and pick "Open to the side", I find it very usefull when working with html, since I can see the element names, while developing the functions, whatch data models, and others...

You can have multiple tabs, whatever works with you and fit your needs :).  

Other nice feature is the GIT integration, altough some commands you'll have to do in console or use a 3rd party tool. You can change branch by clicking the botton left corner or by using the View > Command Palette and typing git to show all the git commands, as mentioned, at this moment, only git branch and git checkout are available, yet you can push and pull and commit on the git side view. The counter of changes will increase automatically as you write code and in the git view, each file you click, will show you in a splitted window the current file and changes. 

I think this is a very lightweight text/code editor with code highlighitng and itellisense that can deliver a lot of produtivity, I was prompt while developing multiple times to install a new type defenitions such as, angular.js and JQuery, and installed on demand without leaving the keyboard. VSCode will help you out by showing a green squiggly line under the code you're writing and showing a yellow bulb with hints on how to solve the issue.


Ricardo Melo Joia