Valerio de Sanctis's ASP.NET CORE 5 AND ANGULAR Pactk's book review

If you're looking for a beginner book, this is not the book for you. The reader needs some experience with the languages and frameworks used. having said that, if You're a developer with some knowledge on both C# and Angular/Typescript, and you want to know more, this is the book for you.

The author shows a great concern with the preparation of the development environment to make sure the reader has the belter experience possible, as usual, the GIT repo is available to rescue When something goes wrong. The examples in the book are actual, relevant, and can be easily ported to the real world and reused in any project you may work on in any line of business app or even a personal project.

I like particularly the care with clean code and design patterns and the rationale behind those decisions.

If you want to know more about EF, this book has got you covered as well, different options are covered and the approach taken can be the base for future projects.

Debugging, unit testing, both for C# and Angular are also covered to get you up to speed. More advanced topics such as authentication and authorization are also covered so you can secure your apps.

If you want to provide a more rich experience for your users and take advantage of the most recent browser features, maybe Progressive Web Apps are for you and this book may help you get there.

Last but not least, how to deploy your app to Windows, Linux, and Azure. This book will definitely provide the basis to get you started, remember or catch up with the latest and most recent updates to ASP.NET CORE AND ANGULAR