Mastering TypeScript - Fourth Edition book review

Typescript has become one of the best ways to develop your projects when you're looking for type safety with Javascript. Typescript transpiles to Javascript and it's designed to develop large applications, but, regardless of the size of your project, you should really consider it, as usualy, small projects become huge really fast.

Either you're new to Typescript or looking to learn about the latest additions to this awesome language, this is the book for you.

The book follows a structure from basics to advanced providing examples that you can use to code along as you progress through the book to consolidate your learning experience.

From setting up your environment and the basics of Typescript to primitive types, best practices, object-oriented principles, generics, and asynchronous techniques such as callbacks, promises, and async-await, decorators, integration with Javascript, which may be useful if you're planning to migrate your javascript project to typescript, and other scenarios, and strict and no compiler options, this books provides you a solid base to help you learn and know how to apply the best practices and techniques to make your project type-safe with typescript.

One nice surprise was a chapter dedicated to RxJs, where the author provides an explanation of what it is and why it's so important such as examples of some of the most used operators and the Chapter about TDD using Jest, where you can learn more about this technique to build quality from the ground up to your project using one of the best testing frameworks, Protractor and Selenium are also covered if you're looking for an end-to-end testing solution.

The author then takes you to an intro to Angular, React, and Vue, building parts of a solution that later you'll be able to put together as a whole using on micro-front-end technique.

There's a chapter also about Node and Express and AWS Serverless API.

Definitely, a book to keep around and check every now and then when you find a case you might want to improve, especially when you find the `any` type in your codebase and you want to improve it.

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